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Strategic Sourcing Application Supplier Information Management (SIM)

Supplier Information Management Services

K2 Sourcing’s supplier information management services allows you to build your supplier registration web page. Contact our experts today!

Expand Your Knowledge of Suppliers

Additionally, K2 Sourcing’s supplier information management software allows strategic sourcing professionals to create and oversee RFIs, learn about suppliers, collect important documentation, and manage approved supplier lists.

Manage Supplier Risk

Since 2003, K2 Sourcing has been making the strategic sourcing and RFI process easier. With our user-friendly, and the most supplier friendly platform on the market, you can automate and streamline the RFI process. By using the RFI tools, companies can gain critical insights into their suppliers' operations, manage supplier risk, and maintain supplier knowledge in one easily accessible database.

Some of the benefits of using K2 Sourcing’s supplier information system include:

Build competition: Increases and builds prequalified competition 
Shrinks new supplier outreach: Turns ill-timed sales calls and emails into useful future candidates
Streamlines selection: Allows teams to quickly reduce the list of potential candidates 
Drives visibility: Provides a company shared database of suppliers 
Faster evaluation: Compare and score supplier responses side-by-side
Data maintenance: Allow suppliers to maintain and update their own profiles
Supplier management: Keeps track of blacklisted and approved suppliers
Reduces risks: capture more detail about suppliers through self-assessments and ongoing health appraisals

Why K2 Sourcing?

Rapid Deployment

Since 2003, companies have been learning more about new and existing suppliers by using the RFI management platform. The platform is feature robust and has been improved by many years of feedback. It is known for being very easy to learn and use, extremely fast to implement, and splendidly supplier friendly.

Enhanced Security

The RFI platform is reliable and secure. Uptimes are over 99.9%, it is fully encrypted, our server is SOC2 compliant, the strategic sourcing application is mobile friendly, and your information is hosted on one of the most recognized and respected platforms in the world.

Fast, Helpful, and Warm Support From Sourcing Experts

K2 Sourcing’s support is unparalleled. Like you, K2 Sourcing team members are strategic sourcing experts. We have run thousands of RFIs to screen suppliers and will share useful RFI templates. We are also happy to teach you how to customize and develop your own.

Better Stakeholder and Supplier Engagement

Used as a standalone application the supplier information management platform offers a low-cost solution for strategic sourcing professionals to increase competition, reduce risk, collaborate more effectively, and save time.  

Amplify Sourcing’s Impact from Day One

Integrated into the full RFP and reverse auction platform it becomes an indispensable piece of the strategic sourcing process. Contact K2 Sourcing for supplier information management platform pricing and a pre-recorded demonstration. 

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