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Open Demonstration: K2 Sourcing Cloud Sourcing Advanced Application 2nd Tuesday of every month at 1PM Eastern 10AM Pacific.

Webinar August 13, 2019 12PM Central: This RFP Template Automates MRO & Indirect Supplies Sourcing

Aberdeen stated best in class companies generated 19% savings, reduced administration costs by 18%, and lowered inventory by 14% in MRO in a year as compared to laggards that generated 3% savings, 2% administration cost reductions, and 2% inventory decreases over the same time period.

The majority (62%) of best in class companies used sourcing automation like K2 Sourcing provides.

In this webinar, we are going to show you the exact template K2 Sourcing advisors use when running MRO and supplies sourcing events as part of K2 Sourcing’s spend management service.

This template has been refined for 16 years across 100’s of events from mid-market manufacturers, to large retailers, to the Federal Aviation Administration. We are going to share the secret of the template’s efficiency and effectiveness. K2 Sourcing subscribers can download and use the template. Use it to benchmark your process and eSourcing solution.

In 15-Minutes we will demonstrate:

  • Automating analytics savings by; location, sub versus exact match, by current cost, and by benchmark cost.
  • Accounting for non-price like VMI and desktop delivery.
  • General set-up template modification, and project management.

We will reserve 15-minute for Q&A with a K2 Sourcing indirect expert. Ask any tough questions you have about sourcing MRO and supplies.

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