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Open Demonstration: K2 Sourcing Cloud Sourcing Advanced Application 2nd Tuesday of every month at 1PM Eastern 10AM Pacific.

Webinar: How to Quickly Compare Multiple Suppliers Proposing Different Cost Models

Last week a K2 Sourcing Cloud Source Advanced customer asked, “How can the RFP application make it easier to compare supplier responses that don’t align perfectly? There are different solutions supplier’s propose with different cost models, so how does the K2 Sourcing application help make the process easier?”

We joined a web conference, and provided a short demonstration outlining several options to use the RFP application to compare unalike proposals accurately and rapidly. The demonstration further showed how to analyze responses and negotiate with suppliers to get to the best value quickly.

Our client believed the K2 Sourcing RFP application would be very helpful, and we thought you might find this 15-minute demonstration useful as well. Register below and feel free to forward this email to other team members.

Complete the registration form to receive the invitation.

Complete the registration form below to receive the invitation.