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Webinar : K2 Sourcing Contingent Labor Open Demonstration

Demonstration of a global contingent labor total cost model highlighting side-by-side MSP comparisons on the K2 Sourcing eRFP (Cloud Source Complete) application.

Double digit percent savings are common when these RFPs are common. It is not just about the savings though, you need to ask the right questions to make sure your partners find, maintain, and improve their talent.

This demonstration shows you how to leverage your spend and maximize the value of your contingent labor partners.


  • Brief introduction about K2 Sourcing and the world's best cloud sourcing application
  • Global Contingent Labor / MSP Staffing RFP Example demonstration
  • Explanation of the pricing template and cost model, and how to automate the analytics and compare provider responses

K2 Sourcing will share why the world's best sourcing application will simplify executing complex SERVICE RFPs.

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