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Open Demonstration: K2 Sourcing Cloud Sourcing Advanced Application 2nd Tuesday of every month at 1PM Eastern 10AM Pacific.

Recording of Webinar: Do You Want Stakeholders or Alliances?

Asking questions is the key to understanding your stakeholder’s requirements. Asking smart questions makes you a trusted advisor. Using a finely tuned approach founds a long-term alliance. K2 Sourcing Advisors have gained the trust of hundreds of procurement and logistics leaders and their stakeholders. In this webinar, we will share from our learnings.

In 15 minutes, K2 Sourcing’s CEO will share some of the most critical questions you need to ask stakeholders. K2 Sourcing’s leader will share excerpts of our proven approach to create an effective conversation that will take your stakeholder satisfaction ratings to the next level and build long term alliances. 15 minutes will be left for you to ask questions.

These questions have been refined by K2 Sourcing advisors over several thousand discussions with clients and client stakeholders. Join us. You might be surprised by the questions we ask, why we ask them, and why the approach is so critical to your future in procurement.

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