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Webinar: Reverse Auction Preconceptions and Misconceptions

Reverse auction use is on the rise. Best practice benchmarks state auctions should be used in 1 out of 10 RFPs. Further, reverse auctions will generate 5% to 10% more savings than traditional negotiation methods.

Even after 20 years in use as a procurement tool, there is misinformation and misunderstanding preventing organizations from enjoying the additional cost savings and improved efficiency reverse auctions produce.

It’s time to set the record straight. In this 15-minute webinar, which shares entertaining case studies, K2 Sourcing advisors will cover the most common fallacies surrounding reverse auctions. By joining this presentation; attendees may challenge their own beliefs, gain information to share with stakeholders, find ways to increase savings and efficiency, and get a laugh or two.

After the webinar, ask any questions related to reverse auctions and/or your specific categories. A K2 Sourcing advisor who has run over a thousand events will share their insights.

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