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2011 Gartner Research Cool Vendor Award
2008 Supply and Demand Chain 100
2007 Supply and Demand Chain 100

Who said, "Show Me the Money!"?

K2 Sourcing is happy to help.

The purchase of goods and services has the single greatest impact on an organization's profitability.

Is your team the best it can be?

K2 Sourcing's opportunity assessment will provide you with a clear understanding of the dollar impact that a formal strategic sourcing plan can have on your organization.

And, if you choose, K2 Sourcing can provide expert strategic sourcing resources and eSourcing tools to develop and execute the profit improvement plan.

Benchmark against the industry's best practices to see how you are doing.

Call 1-877-824-9809to set-up a free initial consultation or have K2 Sourcing contact you.

The Best Service In eSourcing!