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2011 Gartner Research Cool Vendor Award
2008 Supply and Demand Chain 100
2007 Supply and Demand Chain 100
For Those Who Insist on the Best:
eSourcing by K2 Sourcing, Inc.

K2 Sourcing's mission is to be the best eSourcing provider in the world. K2 Sourcing focuses on one thing - improving how organizations establish costs.

 Cost Reduction: As experts at applying technology to the real world process of strategic sourcing to produce dramatic cost savings.
 New Product Launches: Accelerate new product launches with technology that transforms linear product development processes into team environments with real time visibility.
 Revenue Growth: Showing high mix low volume custom shops how to win more orders through faster sharper responses.

Successful Spend Managers and New Product Managers know that in the chaotic world of work, prioritization is the key to success. They also know that working with suppliers and team members is the key to driving cost savings, accelerating new product launches, and winning more orders.

K2 Sourcing listens!
Rather than dilute our focus with a broad complex product offerings, we focus on building superior e-sourcing solutions that are lightning fast to implement, easy to use, and that are extremely effective.

The Best E-Sourcing System in The World
The integrated components that drive cost savings, accelerate new product launches, and help win more orders include:

 Our Better Process for Better Results Reverse Auction software and flexible eSealed Bid an eQuote tools.

 Paperless eRFx Builder; used to generate supplier agreements and conduct supplier pre-qualification and capability surveys.

 Dashboards, project management, and collaboration tools.

 Expert Support for global sourcing and project management.

 Easy to implement on demand hosted system.

Instead of trying to implement big complex systems, look to K2 Sourcing to deliver the solutions that make the most difference. E-Sourcing solutions by K2 Sourcing drive cost savings, accelerate new product launches, and help win more orders

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The Best Service In eSourcing!