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Sharewise Contracts

Fast, easy, secure, and social; contracts, filesharing, and reminder application


  • Share and access files from any Internet device
  • Invite and manage team member access to information
  • Move large files
  • Create team reminders and email alerts
  • Provide organization visibility to contract experts
  • Optionally, allow the Sharewise Community to view your expertise
  • Search and contact other category contract experts


  • Free with no credit card required to sign up
  • 100% web-based – no installation required
  • 5 minutes to learn
  • Data is secure and backed up

In Control

It takes a few minutes to invite a team, add supplier agreements, statements of work, engineering files, material indexes, etc. and set up team reminder alerts covering rebates, warranties, deadlines, etc.

Access Experts

Imagine you are working on a new contract. Search members of the optional Sharewise Community to find other category experts, and contact them to benchmark and discuss best practices.

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