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Controlling MRO to Create Savings – Step 1 aired on July 11, 2017. Register to receive a recording.

Companies that do well managing MRO experience; less downtime, lower indirect labor, 15% to 30 % lower purchase costs, use less space, utilize less cash and experience far fewer headaches. Step 1 in our Controlling MRO series, this 15–minute webinar shares specific case studies, key performance indicators, and diagnostics used by top consultants so you can quickly understand your company’s MRO performance and what to do next.

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Superior Reverse Auction Success Ratio

K2 Sourcing’s unique cloud-based application, superior support structure, and company culture are designed to ensure you the maximum level of success.

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BidWise Advantage

  • Selected best in class for ease-of-use
  • Cloud-based – compatible with all major browsers
  • Integrates with Excel not just .CSV
  • No limitations on the number of suppliers invited
  • Free view only access to peers and coworkers
  • Better reverse auction management flexibility
  • Full-featured reverse auction management system
  • Outstanding out-of-the-box analytics
  • Special reverse auction risk mitigation tools
  • Ability to handle small and large, complex events
  • Application is written and owned by K2 Sourcing
  • 12 years of continuous improvement
  • No downtime guarantee with fast performance
  • “A definite replacement for Ariba”
    (Buyer, Fortune 500 retailer)

K2 Sourcing Advantage

  • “Just great to work with.” (Buyer, Fiskars)
  • Subscription, on demand, and managed event plans available
  • Company structure provides faster implementation, better user adoption, and deeper integration
  • Motivated to achieve perfection in sourcing not investor motivated
  • More than a helpdesk - supported by real project managers
  • Employees have superior longevity and knowledge
  • Constant continuing education and training
  • Subscribers and supplies are treated with respect and patience
  • Internalized belief that our actions reflect on your company’s reputation
  • Experts at reducing system anxiety and breaking through barriers

Only K2 Sourcing Offers a Satisfaction Guarantee

Subscriptions come with a 90 day money back guarantee

Only K2 Sourcing Guarantees Reverse Auction Platform Reliability

K2 Sourcing is the only company to ensure your ongoing performance with a no-crash, no-data-loss, money-back guarantee.

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