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How to Run a Truck Load Reverse Auction originally aired May 24, 2017 was recorded. Register to receive access.

Truck load auctions typically generate large savings quickly. This 15-minute webinar demonstrates the carrier’s and logistics manager’s auction view and how to account for factors like fuel and capacity constraints.

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Superior Reverse Auction Success Ratio

K2 Sourcing’s unique cloud-based application, superior support structure, and company culture are designed to ensure you the maximum level of success.

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BidWise Advantage

  • Selected best in class for ease-of-use
  • Cloud-based – compatible with all major browsers
  • Integrates with Excel not just .CSV
  • No limitations on the number of suppliers invited
  • Free view only access to peers and coworkers
  • Better reverse auction management flexibility
  • Full-featured reverse auction management system
  • Outstanding out-of-the-box analytics
  • Special reverse auction risk mitigation tools
  • Ability to handle small and large, complex events
  • Application is written and owned by K2 Sourcing
  • 12 years of continuous improvement
  • No downtime guarantee with fast performance
  • “A definite replacement for Ariba”
    (Buyer, Fortune 500 retailer)

K2 Sourcing Advantage

  • “Just great to work with.” (Buyer, Fiskars)
  • Subscription, on demand, and managed event plans available
  • Company structure provides faster implementation, better user adoption, and deeper integration
  • Motivated to achieve perfection in sourcing not investor motivated
  • More than a helpdesk - supported by real project managers
  • Employees have superior longevity and knowledge
  • Constant continuing education and training
  • Subscribers and supplies are treated with respect and patience
  • Internalized belief that our actions reflect on your company’s reputation
  • Experts at reducing system anxiety and breaking through barriers

Only K2 Sourcing Offers a Satisfaction Guarantee

Subscriptions come with a 90 day money back guarantee

Only K2 Sourcing Guarantees Reverse Auction Platform Reliability

K2 Sourcing is the only company to ensure your ongoing performance with a no-crash, no-data-loss, money-back guarantee.

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