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Take Back Your Phone Lose the Paper

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Supplier and vendor registration, onboarding, and record management-simplified.

Subscribe to MySupply, and BAM, cold calls and messy file cabinets are practically eliminated.  We don't think you will miss them.


  • Build your organization's custom branded web page
  • Create your electronic supplier and vendor web based forms with complete ERFI functionality
  • Divert cold calls to your page


  • Ask suppliers to complete detailed surveys including questions like minority business, references, core competencies, and anything you can imagine
  • Attach internal documentation such as terms and conditions
  • Request suppliers to upload certifications, financials, quality manuals, signed terms and conditions, and relevant information


  • Manage the onboarding and approval process
  • Maintain correct contact and up to date documentation - a key to mitigating risk
  • Easily download supplier and vendor reports into spreadsheets


  • Saves time by getting rid of poorly timed or unwanted cold calls
  • Builds deep knowledge of a large pool of relevant suppliers with little effort
  • Aides in green certification eliminating the need paper files
  • Keeps information extremely organized and just a click away
  • Improves retention of and access to supply base knowledge
  • 100% web based application set up in minutes
  • Fully hosted system requires no IT support

Special Offer

  • The first 50 clients will receive multi-user MySupply for $139 a month
  • Portal setup and training fees are waived - a $500 value
  • K2 Sourcing will provide a preloaded free eRFI template - a $500 value
  • No Risk 60 Day satisfaction money-back guarantee

To immediately improve your supplier and vendor registration, onboarding, and record management process contact K2 Sourcing.

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The Best Service In eSourcing!