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2011 Gartner Research Cool Vendor Award
2008 Supply and Demand Chain 100
2007 Supply and Demand Chain 100

Getting You to the Right Suppliers Fast

Utilizing the combination of e-sourcing technology, multi-language capabilities, competitor intelligence, and tens of thousands of hours scouring the globe, K2 Sourcing provides an efficient and effective means to augment your supplier outreach and global sourcing capabilities. 

Mark Zak, Global Sourcing Manager, states K2 Sourcing's supplier outreach is far superior.

K2 Sourcing's Core Competency is Global Sourcing 

  • Tens of thousands of hours of sourcing work completed
  • Several hundred projects completed for over 50 companies
  • Language capabilities include English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, German, and Spanish
  • Trained in advanced Internet and market research techniques
  • Large active network of procurement pros
K2 Sourcing's e-Sourcing Platform Drives Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Tens of thousands of hours of sourcing work completed
  • Suppliers self registration to database reduces labor, and improves speed and accuracy
  • Suppliers registering to our free database for 8 years
  • eRFI System captures details and pre-qualifies suppliers fast eRFP
  • eRFQ, eRFP, eRFB, and Reverse Auction eSourcing platform quickly shows supplier total value
  • K2 Sourcing pays subscriptions to belong to access detailed supplier records and competitive intelligence 

Interested in Learning How Your Sourcing Efforts Can be Improved?

Please contact K2 Sourcing to determine if our combination of technology and experience can augment your supplier outreach method.

The Best Service In eSourcing!