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K2 Sourcing’s Superb Sourcing Series Presents

How to Run a Truck Load Reverse Auction originally aired May 24, 2017 was recorded. Register to receive access.

Truck load auctions typically generate large savings quickly. This 15-minute webinar demonstrates the carrier’s and logistics manager’s auction view and how to account for factors like fuel and capacity constraints.

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K2 Sourcing, Inc. is a straightforward developer and premier provider of cloud-based eSourcing and eProcurement automation solutions.

Procurement Leaders come to K2 Sourcing because their team is stretched. Category managers do not have enough time to complete the request for quotes, request for proposals, strategic sourcing, category management, and supplier rationalization and reviews they would like. The same procurement leaders are usually concerned about generating savings. Procurement leaders look to eSourcing because….

Research Supports Best in Class Procurement Organizations Utilize eSourcing
  • 68% of best in class procurement departments utilize eSourcing (Aberdeen)
  • Sourcing departments utilizing eSourcing observe a 54% greater proficiency (Aberdeen)
  • Procurement operations perform 27% better using eSourcing (Hackett)
  • Proficient eSourcing managers drive 200% more savings to the bottom line (Aberdeen)
  • eSourcing reduces review cycle times by 50% (Aberdeen)
  • eSourcing reduces administration costs by 60% (Aberdeen)
Beyond Time and Cost Savings, eSourcing Delivers Proven Benefits
  • Provides process consistency and standardization
  • Excellent for procurement knowledge retention and transfer
  • Demonstrates transparency and compliance
  • Helps procurement have a bigger impact on the organization
  • Improves competition
  • Aids in reduction of supplier risk
  • Enables procurement to be more strategic and less transactional
  • Creates a more rewarding work environment
Clients Experience Tremendous Success with K2 Sourcing Because:
  • Account Managers are, like you, experts at procurement and sourcing
  • Employees are trained procurement professionals not your standard helpdesk
  • Extremely fast and easy to deploy
  • 100%, truly nothing-to-download, web-based application
  • Very easy to work with
  • Easy to use, including on mobile devices
  • Secure - SOC 2 Compliant
  • System performance and reliability guaranteed
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or a refund provided

We believe in a very personal business model where our success is tied directly to you and your entire team’s success. From the first time organizations speak with K2 Sourcing and throughout the ongoing engagement they experience the knowledge, positivity, passion, and honesty that generates outstanding results. Results existing clients will be happy to share with you.

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To quickly determine if eSourcing is a fit for your organization speak to an expert now: call 1-877-824-9809 for a 15-minute introductory call or Contact K2 Sourcing or to schedule a one-hour demonstration.