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K2 Sourcing’s Superb Sourcing Series Presents

How to Run a Truck Load Reverse Auction originally aired May 24, 2017 was recorded. Register to receive access.

Truck load auctions typically generate large savings quickly. This 15-minute webinar demonstrates the carrier’s and logistics manager’s auction view and how to account for factors like fuel and capacity constraints.

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K2 Sourcing eSourcing: eQuotes and eSealed Bids

Because Reverse Auctions are not always the Best Choice

Reverse auctions generate cost savings and speed negotiations, but what helps you with the rest of your sourcing work like?

  • Low volume high mix bids
  • Non commodity high risk items
  • Make vs. buy decisions
  • Supplier driven markets
  • New product launches
  • Small spends
  • Spot buys

Enter K2 Sourcing’s eQuote and eSealed Bid e-sourcing platform. All the benefits of paperless sourcing without the challenge of reverse auctions. Benefits include:

  • Easier and faster than paper for suppliers and buyers
  • Eliminates spreadsheet cutting and pasting
  • Fosters a collaborative environment with fast communication
  • Real time visibility and outstanding analytics
  • Keeps all projects organized

Finally a solution to keep all the other sourcing projects moving forward from anywhere in the world.

K2 Sourcing eSourcing: eQuotes and eSealed Bids

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