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Category Support - Over 2,000 Events

K2 Sourcing Account Executives have analyzed and executed over 2000 events across several hundred categoryexpenditures. With backgrounds in corporate purchasing, we understand value does not equal just price. Broad category support includes

Direct materials

One of our specialties, the owner of K2 Sourcing has a corporate manufacturing purchasing background. Heavily specified items with long production part approval processes like motors, assemblies, castings, stampings, resin, machined components, and over 100 other categories, often offer some of the best opportunities. K2 Sourcing aided in a global make buy decision for extremely complex castings.

Indirect materials and MRO

Representing many transactions and long tail end spend, this can be a difficult category to get one’s arms around. From classifying and cleansing item data, to setting up proper market categories, to negotiating and auditing results, we love categories like general industrial, safety supplies, janitorial supplies, hardware, packaging, bearing and transmission, material handling, etc. One event on Lean Source had over 3000 items and 60 suppliers.


While almost every organization has office supplies, IT consumables, ITC, marketing and print expenditures, etc. K2 Sourcing further specializes in retail solutions like fixtures, shopping carts, bags, register tape, grids, shelving, parking lot maintenance, subcontracting. With many service locations and complex schedules, retail is uniquely challenging environment. Managed by former Walgreens procurement executive K2 Sourcing has a great team to make sure your program gets traction.


Ocean freight is still right now a great market to auction due to overcapacity. Managing driver shortages in truckload and less than truckload while still achieving savings can be challenging. K2 Sourcing has helped run many millions of dollars of freight events including full 3PL reviews.


Quantifying service quality and loyalty can be very challenging. We are happy to explain how. Common categories run on our eSourcing platform include general contracting, subcontracting, contingent labor, background checks, security services, snow removal, landscaping, food services, etc. One of our favorites was termite treatment.

Items for resale

Retailers save hundreds of millions of dollars using eSourcing. Warranty, co-op discounts, brand valuation, global sourcing, represent a few of the factors impacting item for resale projects. Almost every day item for retail resale auctions and RFPs run on our system. Managed by former Walgreens procurement executive K2 Sourcing has a great team to make sure your program gets traction.

Known for the best award-winning quality service in the market, and its first do no harm process, K2 Sourcing is an excellent partner to augment your team. Even if you just want to chat about a particular category’s fitness for reverse auction or available supplier lists, give us a call.

Call 1-877-824-9809 to set-up a free initial consultation or have K2 Sourcing contact you.